toyota yaris 2022 specifications, Price & Specs

The Toyota Yaris 2022 is one of the most appealing vehicles on the road, attracting the attention of many car enthusiasts. 164.6% livre Furthermore, the automobile has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other vehicles. This appears in the following lines on the Toyota Yaris 2022 shipment list and price in Saudi Arabia.

toyota yaris 2022 specifications

The Toyota Yaris 2022 comes with a long list of features:


  • The car belongs to the Berline class.
  • Pousser vers l'avant is a complete sort of traction.
  • The car has a 1,3-liter engine.
  • In addition, the vehicle has four cylinders.
  • The Toyota Yaris 2021's engine produces a total of 98 horsepower.
  • The transmission in a car is a standard transmission.
  • In addition, the vehicle has five different speeds.
  • The Essence system is used to power a vehicle's fuel system.
  • When the car travels 18,8 kilometres, it consumes one litre of gasoline.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a variety of entertainment and divertissement systems.
  • In addition, there are two high-pitch speakers in the vehicle.
  • The automobile has the unusual feature of automatically locking and unlocking the doors, as well as simple and interesting security features.
  • Electricity is also used to power the lights in the windows.
  • In addition, he has a manual air conditioning unit.
  • The rate of safety is high due to the presence of a special monitor for tyre pressure.
  • The fact that the seats are velours distinguishes them.
  • In addition, the Toyota Yaris 2021 has 14-inch wheels.
  • The type of lighting used in the ampoules on the inside and outside of the vehicle is halogen.

Toyota Yaris 2022 Price

On the Egyptian market, a first-class car costs 82 000 riyals, a second-class car costs 89 000 riyals, and a first-class car costs 345 000 livres, with 375 Egyptian livres for sale in the second class.

It's worth noting that the Toyota Yaris 2022 won the title of European Car of the Year for the second time in the last few months, piqued the interest of the jury, which included 59 journalists from 22 countries.

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