toyota rush 2022 specifications Prices & Specs

The Toyota Rush 2022 is regarded as one of the most popular vehicles among a wide range of customers across all automotive markets, as it is one of the most distinctive vehicles with regard to international standard specifications, as well as one of the sporty vehicles with a distinctive design and large capacity. Toyota has announced the launch of the current edition of the Toyota Rush for the year 2022, and we'll now go over the most significant details of the vehicle, including the most crucial basic equipment, which makes navigating on highways easier thanks to a well-designed chassis.

toyota rush 2022 specifications

The most crucial characteristics of the Toyota Rush 2022


The vehicle is powered by a four-cylinder engine.

The engine has a power of around 103 horsepower.

The engine has a displacement of 550 cubic centimetres.

The engine has around a hundred and thirty-six newtons per metre.

The automatic gearbox is divided into six gears and is connected to the engine.

The system of rear-wheel propulsion is what keeps the car moving.

The car's top speed is about a hundred and sixty kilometres per hour.

The car has a sprint capability that starts from a steady state of 100 miles per hour and finishes in thirty seconds.

This is an SUV that may be used for a variety of purposes.


The vehicle has a total of seven comfortable seats.

Every time a distance of a few hundreds of metres per hour is traversed

The average amount of essential oil used is six litres.

There is an electronic distribution system available.

There are several upgrades available to improve vehicle safety and comfort while driving.

The athletic shoes are around ten inches in length.


A variety of luxury features, including a climate control system, are available on the inside of the vehicle to improve comfort.

Toyota Rush 2022 prices in Saoudite Arabie


The price of the Toyota Rush 2022 in the Kingdom for the most expensive and recent models is estimated to be sixty-six million riyals saoudiens, and it is a second-generation Rush crossover with prices starting at sixty-one million riyals saoudiens at several exposition halls around the Kingdom.


In Egypt, the Toyota Rush 2022 is available at a competitive price.



According to a price list published by Toyota Egypt, the local representative, the Toyota Rush 2022 in the first category "F/O" costs 345 million pounds, while the second category "H/L" costs around 370 million pounds.


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