Top 9 things that make you happy in your life

Top 9 things that make you happy in your life



Top 9 things that make you happy in your life
Top 9 things that make you happy in your life









in general is more looking at life with a positive and hopeful look towards your surroundings without thinking about things that have passed except for the ones . Happiness happyThe main to happiness in your life.

Where most people differ in happiness and the things that make them happy, each person sees happiness from the point of view of different perspectives between humans, and mood changes and fluctuations, according to studies and scientists, came back from the problems of the genetic aspect and their transmission through generations, and as psychological studies indicated, there are several levels that help a person achieve Happiness and moving emotions.

And the pressures of life on a person in general make you psychologically and physically exhausted. Life requires devoting a certain amount of time from your day to searching for comfort and happiness . This affects your mental or physical health. You may be subject to health problems due to fatigue and exhaustion, because you do not give yourself the right to rest and happiness, which contributes to alleviating fatigue, exhaustion and boredom from the daily routine.



There are many that make your life happy: There are many things that make you feel happy and be happier, many and varied, and it is certain that these things are different from one person to another according to individual differences between people, as many psychologists have studied personality The human being has found that the personality differs from one person to another according to the individual differences that characterize people, so different things make you happy. There are many and varied things, and according to the inclinations and desires of people, any of these things make you happy .

Some of these things make you happy and change your life. In this article, we will mention a number of things that make yourself happy , simply from them to get to know some things and their impact on the person to be happy.


Things that make a person happy


: Prayer :

As we know about prayer, it is a duty of every human being, and not only is it one of the pillars of the heavenly religions, but prayer is a way for the servant to communicate with his Lord and give zakat on the soul. It is one of the things that makes you happy and close to God Almighty, and there is no creature on this globe that is close to God Almighty and happy. Undoubtedly illuminating his life, prayer makes you happy.

Sports :-


You must allocate a part of your time to sports and make it a part of your daily routine. Many may wonder about the importance of sports. It is one of things to be happy and important for the health of the body and relieve the psychological pressure that a person is exposed to from the daily concerns of many people. He does not make time for sports and does not perform sports on a daily or weekly basis.

And if you know its importance to the body and health, you would make it a part of your daily routine. It affects hormones as well. They have a happy role in your life, mood changes and you feel cheerful, feel comfortable and be happy when you exercise, relieve fatigue. The benefits of sports are not limited to what was mentioned above, but it has countless benefits, including body shape and mental health. And physical and reduce the risk of some heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases, good for the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keep the skin in good appearance, help burn fat and make you maintain the appearance of the body.



Shopping is one of the things that make you happy. In the past, shopping was to go to the market and feel happy when you visit stores and stores, and buy necessities and clothes that you like. When you like something and buy it, you feel happy and relieve psychological pressure, as the results of studies conducted on The person who is shopping feels that he is more happy than the person who does not do shopping, as it contributes to overcoming the anxiety and sadness that he feels because of work and the burdens and responsibilities of life, and that women are more shopping than men and have health and psychological benefits for women, so here is my advice through If you feel sad, depressed and anxious, you just have to get up and go shopping and you will notice improvement and feel happy .

Reading books:


One of the most important things that make you happy is reading books and reading. Try when you feel stressed. Try to relax and choose a beautiful book, story or article. You will notice that you begin to be happy and psychologically comfortable and merge with what you read, so that when you finish the book, it is as if you lost a friend. Books are from the sources of happiness, the book takes you to isolation from the world and you may sit with the book for a long time, which may be hours, without feeling bored, thirsty or hungry. Reading the book achieves healing for the soul, quenching and rest.

These words give meaning in which thoughts and spirit travel above the clouds of papers. We live these moments while reading. At the same time, we have patience until we complete the book and take lessons from it that benefit us in life and benefit from wisdom and strength. The experiences and stories that passed us through reading this book, from which we have taken a lesson or Real experience that we benefit from.

With studies, it has proven that reading is one of the things of happiness that has its necessity, importance and repercussions on the person. It develops and grows the mind and thought and guides us to what is true. No one can deny the positives of personal-reflected reading and notice the difference after and before reading by reading. Many people have become an example of glory, philosophers and thinkers by reading made themselves and wrote to us about their adventures and the difficulties they faced. They wrote to us and described even the times, their gratitude and their comfort left a trace of their experiences. We notice that they create inspiration, creativity and wide imagination.

Family and friends :-


It is also an essential part of the things important to make your life happy , that God Almighty created man, social by nature, he cannot live alone throughout his life. Your joys and consulting them in the matters of your life and cooperating in everything from business and other matters with them in merging with the ocean keeps you away from isolation and negative thoughts and depression and you spend your time without getting bored and may spend time without feeling it So take close friends for you when he feels distress and isolation merge with them and talk with them and share the talk and sit down And you notice that you come out of this state of comfort and happiness.



are things that make a person happy. When you offer your help to a person who needs help, or participate in charitable deeds and donate to charitable institutions, you feel that you make yourself happy in your life and self-satisfaction, as many studies have confirmed by many researchers that the people who contribute to help and giving are Most people feel happy in their lives, and help is back from one of the ways of things and self-improvement. When you see a person in a situation that needs help, and when you are the reason for this person's comfort by helping him and changing his condition, you feel your life happy, happy in your life and it may exceed what the needy feels and feel respected and valued Self and as it was said charity pays affliction, it also pays for us what is greater with this simple giving, we may pay for ourselves a lot of what was written on you in your life.

Self-respect : One


The secret of happiness is to take care of yourself and accept it as it is with its positives, get rid of all the negatives, and make yourself a value that you feel selfishly in yourself and in the ocean. When you love and accept yourself as things are scientifically backed it will make you happy.

And do not underestimate yourself, no matter what the pressures of life are multiple, despite everything, maintain your self-respect so that you can remain happy in your life and feel happiness and self-satisfaction.

Smile : A


smile relieves anxiety happiness you. A simple smile makes you feel good in a short period of seconds. When you think of good, beautiful and positive thoughts, even if the small thing in your life you notice yourself starting with a smile, it affects the hormone of happiness, it gives instructions to the mind and thus It affects the stimulation of hormones of happiness and vice versa. When you are sad, you give the mind instructions that stimulate the hormone of sadness, and so on, even if it is a fake smile, it affects your life and has a positive effect on feelings and happiness. Thus the smile improves your mood and attention and achieves the best results in the work and tasks in your life.

Stay away or reduce the use of the phone or communication sites :-


Today, with the development of culture and the entry of the Internet and communication sites, and others that take most of our time separating us from the ocean and moving away from family, friends and society and we live in isolation and ideas far from the ocean and living in the virtual world and this has negatives that are reflected on his personality and his life Although it facilitates the process of communication and you can talk to people who are very far from you and learn about many things while you are sitting in your place and it seems that it is very useful in your life, but it has its negatives on yourself and your life that may lead to chances of falling into depression, especially in children, it may lead to autism and isolation and many These cases today, so make sure to reduce the use of the phone and go to share with the ocean and feel comfortable, grateful and happy and make use of it for entertainment for some time in order to feel fun and happiness in your life .



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