The story of the German prisoner with the guards and the lesson from them

The story of German prisoners and prison guards is a realistic and expressive story, with useful lessons and wisdom that everyone should recognize.

Here, we will show you the stories of German prisoners of war and guards and prisoners of war, and explain the lessons and wisdom. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this expressive story. Enjoy reading.


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The story of the German prisoner with the prison guards



It is said that in a prison in Germany in the 1960s, the prisoners suffered from cruel and all-round abuse by the prison guards.

Among the prisoners was a prisoner named Schmidt, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, and this prisoner received generous treatment from the guards and the warden, which made other prisoners think that he was an installed agent.


They spy on them for of the guards and administration.



But he used to swear to them that he was a prisoner like them, he was jailed, he had nothing to do with security, but the prisoners didn't believe him, so they said to him: we need to know the way the prison guards treat you alone Different reasons than us.



Schmidt said to them: Well, I'll tell you the secret, but first tell me what you write in your weekly letter to your relatives?

Everyone said: We wrote to them about our suffering, the brutality of our incarceration and the injustice we suffered under these damned guards and poor management.



He answered them by name: As for me, I write to my wife every week, and in the last few lines I will mention the virtues of the prison and the guards, how well they are treated here, and the high morals of the superintendent. Sometimes I even mention some of the bodyguards by name in the letter and compliment them.

Some inmates asked him back: What does all this have to do with the privilege you get when you know our news is closed and no one sees it? Even so, their treatment is still very harsh?



He said to them: Wise men, they monitor all our letters, and you will not get out of prison until the guards and administration have read them, and they will look at the contents of all sizes, now just change the letter you write way and praise them there, you will see the difference!



The inmates were amazed that the following week all the guards treated the inmates for the worse, even Schmidt was with them and he was treated the harshest! !

A few days later, Schmidt marveled at the awful change and yelled at the prisoners, telling them: You lunatics, what do you write in your weekly letters?



They all said: We wrote to our families that Schmidt taught us a new way to trick those damned guards and scumbag managers by praising them with lies and hypocrisy in our weekly letters to gain their trust and satisfy!


Schmidt patted his cheek sadly, pulled his hair remorsefully like a madman and said:


Is this my punishment, idiot? Didn't I tell you that the letters are read by the guards and administrators, nevertheless, you mentioned everything I told you in the letter to your family and you were not satisfied, even you mentioned it in your message My personal name!

Thus, everyone, universally, was cruelly, whipped and tortured more than ever before.


The lesson of the German prisoner's story
The lesson of the German prisoner's story


The lesson of the German prisoner's story

Don't reveal your secrets to anyone. This can lead to suffering and destruction in unexpected ways, even if your goal is to help others. Yes, helping others is a good thing, but knowing how to help and those who really deserve it is even better.



Not everyone keeps secrets or makes good use of them because there are unruly jerks who unintentionally ruin you and the people around us Some people misbehave on purpose, some out of envy and jealousy will not hesitate to destroy you.



Instead of sharing your secrets to help others, try to provide them with new crisis-solving skills because what works for you may not work for others, and what you do may not go in the right direction to affect the people around you because all Individuals have emotions, mental abilities and perceptions that differ from other people.



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