Tesla bot The future of humanoid robots

Tesla bot The future of humanoid robots

Tesla bot The future of humanoid robots



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Tesla bot The future of humanoid robots









Musk says that tesla electric cars also considered a half wheeled robots they actually act like robots with the difference of shape.

He said also  , our goals is to develop robots that can learn and think for themselves ,act like humans and will be harmless, it just do boring tasks.

Tesla bot will be 173cm in length, weight 60 kg and can carry  weights up to 20 kg

It can run 8km/h and will be less power than people to be safe for those whose afraid of being harm ,so you can run easy and hide in case of needing.

Musk also said that tesla bot will be able to do anything that a human can do and it will be controlled by a tablet screen  on face .

In fact tesla was not the first cars maker that enter the world of robots development , we all know HONDA and there famous humanoid robot(ASIMO) which launched at 2000 as a first prototype , but honda continued devloping (ASIMO) till its final show at 2011 .

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