Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet

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Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet
Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet



Atgeber: Mobile phone models and tariffs


With the mobile phone on the Internet - that's how it works

Weather reports, news, sports results – information like this can be conveniently called up on the go with an Internet-enabled cell phone. But you should keep a few aspects in mind: What is the cheapest data plan? What are the pitfalls of flat rates? Which mobile phone type is suitable? COMPUTER BILD tells you what to look out for when surfing the Internet on a mobile device.

Is my train on time? How is the game of my favorite club? You can call up this type of information on the go – provided you have an internet-enabled mobile phone or a notebook that connects to the internet via mobile communications. But be careful: With the default tariffs you lose a lot of money quickly - calling up a football live ticker can cost four euros. With the right tariff, you can do it for five cents.


Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet
Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet

                                                What can I do with an internet tariff?

access websites on a mobile phone. But beware: Some mobile phones only display specially adapted Internet pages. The mobile phone needs an up-to-date access program to display "normal" pages.

Receive and send e-mails, often with file attachments.

Use internet software, such as Google Maps.

You can also surf the Internet with the notebook. To do this, connect it to a suitable mobile phone using a data cable. Alternatively, you can use special PC plug-in cards or USB sticks that are set up for UMTS use. DSL alternative: Fast Internet everywhere


Do I have to book an additional Internet tariff?


Internet visits are very expensive with most "normal tariffs": Browsing through the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (1 megabyte of data) can cost as little as 20 euros. Booking an additional tariff is therefore often worthwhile even for infrequent users - especially if they have a contract tariff. Alternative: You switch to a cheap tariff such as or Simyo. A megabyte only costs 24 cents (as of August 2008) – acceptable for occasional internet use.

Which mobile phone do I use to access the Internet?

Lots of cell phones get on the internet, but it's not always pure joy. Some models only call up special pages, while others are annoyed by the tiny display. In the picture gallery you will find the best Internet cell phones tested by COMPUTER BILD – all with modern access software and a large display. The final grade refers only to the given points, not to the complete mobile phone.


Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet
Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet


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COMPUTER BILD on the mobile phone


You can also reach COMPUTER BILD via the browser on your mobile phone. The latest news, detailed guides and product tests on the topics of hardware, software, security, audio, video, photos and games are prepared and specially adapted for the small cell phone screen. To call up the pages, enter the address in the mobile phone's browser. Simple alternative: send an SMS with "computer" to short code 88044 (standard SMS charges). The bookmark will then be sent to you so that you can call it up directly.


How are data transfer costs billed?

Volume tariff: You pay for the amount of data transferred – no matter how long the connection lasts.

Time tariff: Billing according to connection duration.

All-inclusive tariff: You can surf the Internet as often and for as long as you like.


Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet
Surfen Sie auf Mobiltelefonen im Internet


What are the pitfalls of flat rates?

Real flat rates like DSL in the fixed network are rare. Depending on the tariff, the following restrictions apply:

Prohibitions: Providers usually prohibit services such as internet telephony, T-Mobile even internet chats ("instant messaging"); they often work anyway.

Service blocks: With some tariffs, websites can only be read on the mobile phone, but not on the notebook.

Speed ​​brake: Instead of the UMTS turbo HSDPA (data rate up to 7.2 megabits per second), some T-Mobile tariffs only offer the standard UMTS speed (0.384 Mbps).

Volume limit: Anyone who exceeds the volume of their data plan pays extra – usually 50 cents/megabyte.

Timing: Not every provider bills fairly. Depending on the tariff, connections are often rounded up to up to 100 kilobytes of data or – just as imprecisely – even to ten minutes connection time.

Daily or hourly surcharge: Vodafone and O2 charge a few cents extra for some standard tariffs per hour or day of use.


How do I control my data costs?

With T-Mobile, Vodafone and E-Plus you can check the amount of data that has already been "used" in your customer area on the Internet. O2 customers must contact customer care by phone.


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