Steps to activate monetization from YouTube

Steps to activate monetization from YouTube



You've figured out the YouTube algorithm, Your channel's SEO is in excellent condition, You've even figured out YouTube's metrics.

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Now comes the moment you've been waiting for: it's time to start making money doing what you enjoy.


 YouTube's monetization policy changes from time to time, which might be frightening, We promise you have nothing to worry about—we're here to assist you through the full YouTube monetization process.


With information from YouTube's incredible community of creators, you'll be ready to expand your channel in no time, But first, let's go over some of the fundamentals of enabling YouTube monetization.


Where do you even begin?


Steps to activate monetization from YouTube
Steps to activate monetization from YouTube


Easy Steps: How to Enable Monetization on YouTube


You've accumulated the required amount of subscribers and view hours, and you've examined your channel for red flags—what now? It's time to understand how to enable YouTube monetization;


·       After clicking on your symbol in the top right corner of the screen, select YouTube Studio from the dropdown menu.


·       Once in YouTube Studio, go to the Channel menu on the left side of your screen and select Monetization.


·       Finally, on the Monetization window, press the Start button.


You have now accepted the terms of the YouTube Partner Program. Simply sign up for AdSense or connect an existing account. This is what permits your channel to earn money in the end, YouTube will next prompt you to configure your monetization settings, Don't be concerned about this step; you may later adjust your monetization options and tweak it so that you only monetize specific videos.



There are Other Monetization Options


YouTube monetization is only one of the many methods to generate money on YouTube, There are countless others, but enabling YouTube monetization is an excellent, relatively simple starting point.


 The subscriber and watch time thresholds for YouTube ads are rather low, allowing your channel to gain traction while it is still in its early stages. However, when you earn more followers and watch times increase, you should investigate other revenue alternatives, especially if you have a really dedicated and engaged audience;


1. Support


·       Patreon is a well-known online patronage network for YouTube producers.


·       Patreon allows your devoted fans to donate a certain amount of money each month in exchange for access to unique content.


·       You can have different levels of patrons and provide them with anything from behind-the-scenes footage to whole new content (that non-paying members cannot see).


·       Some YouTubers give their subscribers early access to videos, while others include one-on-one time with the creators themselves.


·       Patreon is an excellent choice for creators that have a large following.


·       The majority of the time, that loyalty is earned through consistent communication and involvement with your followers.


2. Goods and services


·       People adore merchandise. But, before you start printing 1,000 t-shirts for all 1,000 of your members, you should first test the waters.


·       Inquire if your audience is interested in purchasing items from you.


·       You can propose different types of stuff and even ask them to remark on products they'd like to purchase.


·       Selling merchandise is especially beneficial if you and your fans employ specific jargon, catchphrases, or inside jokes.


·       Once you've started selling merch, you may use it in contests, giveaways, or even as a Patreon tier.


3. Partners


·       The good news is that joining an affiliate programme is rather simple.


·       The revenues are just less than what you would receive from a compensated sponsorship.


·       When you join an affiliate programme with a particular brand, you'll be given a unique link or discount code that your followers can use when buying with that business.


·       You'll get a little commission every time your link or code is used.


·       To optimise profits, mention the affiliate code in your videos and put it in the video descriptions.


4. Product Specifications


·       Product features are a wonderful way to get paid sponsorships, but they may not result in actual money.


·       As your following grows, brands may give you their products to feature and/or evaluate in your videos.


·       Isn't it true that free stuff is the best? You don't even have to wait for brands to approach you—pitch yourself to potential sponsors now.


·       Just make sure you pitch to companies who are a good fit for your channel (although, you may start receiving random product feature requests along the way).



5. Sponsorships for a fee


·       Paid sponsorships are the best way to make money on YouTube.


·       Brands will pay you to discuss or recommend their product in your films.


·       We'll be fully honest with you: this is a difficult goal to achieve.


·       It is, however, never too early to begin pitching yourself to firms.


·       Engage with them on social media, demonstrate how you would benefit their brand, and share instances of previous successful product sponsorships or affiliate programmes.


·       Even if you haven't yet reached the target subscriber level, you'll place yourself on the radar of brands.


·       Again, be sure that the companies you seek are appropriate for the content you create.



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