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We often spoke, and our conversation turned in a direction other than what was in our mind, so many preferred to remain silent until one of the hermits said, “I have often spoken and regretted it. As for my silence, I will not regret it.” Is silence a virtue that we must adhere to in our lives? And everyone becomes less talkative? Will society change then? I think that society will certainly change, so we will not find temptation, false caress, or useless speech, but will we become speechless? God created in us the tongue to speak, but what words should we speak? I see that our words should become in work and in goodness and in the piety of God. We should use love in our daily expressions with a bright smile.


So there is a simple division of silence types which is:


Learning silence: It is when a person is silent in order to listen to whom he is speaking in order to receive information from him

Silence of information: when a person is aware of the truth while the person speaking is lying, let him be silent to enjoy lying

Silence of respect: when a young boy is listening to an old person, we find that it is part of the etiquette of conversation that the young person does not interrupt the old person during the conversation.

- Marriage silence: a period that passes between each couple, a period of silence, and we find that they do not want to talk to each other

The silence of love: when the tongue is unable to express what is in the heart

So in an increasingly noisy and stressful world, more people are discovering the benefits and power of silence. Quiet pauses throughout the day can calm our minds and put us in touch with ourselves. Experts agree that we need to make the choice to make silence a part of our lives. Maybe it's taking some time to remember a loved one, getting up before sunrise, or replacing the bustling time of the day with a quiet break.

 “Silence can benefit us if we use it wisely,” says Julie Poetker, mindfulness expert and author of the new book, Life Fall Apart, But You Don't Have to: Mindful Ways to Stay Calm in the Midst of Clutter. “If we allow quietness to slow down our pace and open up to what is in our environment — a dog barking, a bird chirping — that means focusing attention on what you hear, which can keep your mind from ruminating and anxious.”

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