Rubaiyat al-Khayyam song lyrics

Rubaiyat al-Khayyam song lyrics


Rubaiyat al-Khayyam song lyrics
Rubaiyat al-Khayyam song lyrics



I heard a phone call in magic
He called from the unseen the slumber of humans
Go fill the cup of semen Before you fill the cup of life, the palm of fate
Don't worry about the past I don't come to live too soon .

And gain from the present for its own sake It is not in the nature of the nights of safety
Tomorrow is the dawn of the unseen, and today is mine
How disappointing in the future I am not inattentive until I see
The beauty of my world and I do not leave
The heart has been lost by the love of beauty
And the chest is tired of what is not said
Oh Lord, does this thirst satisfy you? And the water flows in front of me.

It is better for this heart to beat
And in the fire of love to be burned
What a waste of the day that passed me Without falling in love and in love Light the shadows of this magic
He called to sleep and sing the string How long can I sleep?
And there is no shortening of ages, the length of the night
How long is the night after the day? Long star this orbit
So walk away, for this is the rich From the eyes of the witch of

Do not deceive yourself with fear of suspicion
And gain from the present the security of certainty
He may be equal in the earth, departing tomorrow
A past of thousands of years
Extinguish the flash of the heart with the witness of rapture
The days are like clouds
And we lived a spectrum of fantasy
Your luck before the youth is too late.

I wore a dress to live, I was not consulted
I was confused in it among various thoughts
And the dress will fall off from me and not
I understand why you came where the exit
O He who stirs understanding in
Thy power! And the soul asks for the fever of your obedience
I am drunk in iniquity, but I
I woke up with hope in your mercy
If I had not been saved in your obedience I long for your mercy
But it pleases me that I
I have lived not to be associated with your loneliness.

You hide from people how old you are Everything in the universe is your creation
You are his glory and you are the one who
You see the wonderful workmanship in your verse If the drop is separated from its sea In the end of her order Lord, we are close dimensional distance on its destiny
O world of secrets, the knowledge of certainty
And he revealed evil from the wretched O meet excuses back to your shadow, accept the repentance of the repentant .

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