Netflix, which created a new world of home entertainment in just a few years

 Netflix, which created a new world of home entertainment in just a few years


 Netflix, which created a new world of home entertainment in just a few years.  From a CD store to a huge company that produces movies and series and earns billions at the expense of viewers.


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History of Netflix


 The company that created a new world of home entertainment in just a few short years


 Netflix, which created a new world of home entertainment in just a few years, how did it start?  What is the secret message that you are trying to brainwash viewers with?



 The history of netflix how it began

ten year scenarios for netflix


 History of Netflix How did it start?  Why do you support homosexuality?  In the age of advanced technology, with the ticking of the clock, the race was on for everyone who wanted to prove that he was the strongest.


 Whether with electronic devices or applications on them.


 Among the most important inventions of the first period of this development is the Apple iPod. It was a quantum leap in the world of listening to songs to create a great revolution in the technological field and competitions begin to appear by every information engineer to create a new development in the world.


 In the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven, Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph created a breakthrough invention and luxury for his time, using their intelligence in the software engineering process.


what will television be like in 20 years


 Randol was one of the richest sons of his time and was looking for a profitable investment to increase his wealth with, while the Hastings story was the most beloved success story to the hearts of the masses at that time.


 It was different and distinctive and greatly influenced the dissemination of digital content.


 How did you get started on Netflix?  In the 1990s, there were no films spread on the Internet as they are today, but rather they were found on videotapes owned by shops or specialized companies to rent them.


 This is at a low price per day.


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 So people had to rent the tape to watch the movie on TV and return it to the owner company the next morning with a big fine for anyone who was late in delivery, so Hastings fell victim to the delay and ended up paying a fine of forty dollars to the company, Blockbuster, after the price of renting the movie was only three dollars.  Ras Al-Raid is one of the brightest and most brilliant ideas in contemporary history.



 Movie delay system to a monthly subscription


Netflix success story


 Which is that instead of the customer going to the company to rent the movie, he requests it from home with ease, the movie to him via mail, without even specifying a time to return it.


 Thus, he has achieved his revenge on other companies with ease, with profits in the millions.


 In the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, the system of postponing films was amended to a monthly subscription by paying a certain fee and renting a number of films that the subscriber wanted without any increase in payment, regardless of their number.



 The paradigm shift that overturned Netflix profits


netflix management structure


 In the year two thousand and three, despite some financial crises that the company went through, it was able to obtain one million fixed subscribers.


 The paradigm shift that overturned Netflix profits.


 In the year two thousand and seven, with the advent of the YouTube application, the development of the World Wide Web, and the increase in Internet speed worldwide.


 Netflix found itself needing to develop its services and when it added the feature of digital watching movies.


 But according to the number of subscription hours and not the price of one movie.


Netflix organizational structure


 While preserving the advantage of films that arrive via mail, the number of subscribers reaches five million subscribers, thus becoming the first company to broadcast its content via the Internet.


 After that, a large number of competing companies appeared that were aspiring to reach the same number and achieve the same number of profits.


 Film companies' eyes widened



 Which was in a state of permanent increase and the company spread globally at the level of Canada, Britain and the rest of Europe as an indication of the strength of this site and its great services.


 Which led to the widening of the eyes of the film companies that were selling their films and allowing Netflix to publish them at very low prices because they considered it a small company and would not be able to succeed easily.


 But this unparalleled success made them raise the prices of films whose rights they sell to Netflix.


 Produce your own serials with ease



 For the company to fall into a different kind of problem, which was one of the problems that the founders prepared for by giving up buying movies and series from other companies.


 And produce your own serials with ease.

 To produce a number of series that achieved impressive success.


 And it continues to advance around the world until it reached the Middle East at the beginning of the year two thousand and sixteen.


 And the plan to crawl around the world did not stop there.


 The company wanted to take root in all countries of the world to start producing series from all countries, such as the famous Spanish series La Casa de Babel, which was a Spanish production par excellence.


 And I was able to publish it worldwide, in addition to a number of Korean, Italian and even Arabic works.


 Like the series Al Rawabi School for Girls, which was shown recently in 2021.


 Which was also produced by the Netflix company, and they were not satisfied with the process of producing television works only, but rather they bought the globally successful works and published them on their own website, such as the famous series “France”, which began showing in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four before the company even started.


About Netflix


 However, it bought its rights a few years ago to display it on its own website.


 And make extra profits from it.


 It was not satisfied at this point, but continued its expansion, creating content suitable for all segments, as it began showing stand-up comedy programs in addition to documentaries about nature, animals, and physical and psychological health.


 To take its full glory in the world.


 And it forms a television that contains thousands of stations to suit the young and the old, as at the beginning of the year two thousand and eighteen it started producing anime series to open a new door for new users.


 To the extent that she has begun to play on a sensitive chord, spreading her thoughts and whims through series, which are watched by teenagers and seven-year-olds, so that they grow up in the way that Netflix raises them.


 Why does Netflix promote homosexuality?  In the last two years in particular, the number of homosexual views in the content shown by Netflix has increased exaggeratedly.


 The reason is not that these scenes are related to the story or that they add any influence to the character of the series.


 This aroused curiosity around the world as a whole, not just the Middle East. One of the pioneers of the football site asked about the reason for this terrifying amount of this type of scenes presented by this network.


 The discussants themselves, like Jeans, rejected and hated this kind of unnecessary scenes that existed without having any relation to the story or the events. Therefore, the spread is clear and explicit evidence of the existence of a goal from this behavior, in addition to secret soldiers working on it to establish that the idea of ​​homosexuality is normal.  It is natural for the former President of the United States of America to announce the permissibility of same-sex marriage and several other decisions that support this decision.

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