Netflix - the world of cinema

Netflix - the world of cinema


 Netflix - the world of cinema.  Watch what we want from movies and series anytime and anywhere.  Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video make this possible.


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Netflix Top 10 movies


 Netflix - World of Cinema Watch whatever movies we want


 Video on demand services are fundamentally changing the field of movies.  are increasingly specified.



 Video services are dominating film festivals and film awards ceremonies



 What are we watching?  The influence of Netflix and its sisters is our topic today.


Netflix top movies


 And the Oscar goes to Netflix. Video services are now dominating film festivals and film awards ceremonies.


 Not only does it produce a large number of works, but it also boasts of attracting famous names from Hollywood.


 The new Macbeth movie by Oscar-winning director Joel Coen, for example.


 People around the world are now subscribed to a video-on-demand service


Netflix Top 10 series


 Produced by the Apple TV Plus service, the closure of cinemas due to the Corona pandemic and staying at home for a long time all increased reliance on these services.


 Millions of people around the world have become subscribers to at least a video-on-demand service, and some, like me, are subscribed to three services at once.


 The secret to the success of these services lies in big data


Top movie Netflix 2023


 Don't Look at the movie, produced by Netflix, featuring a group of Hollywood stars.


 Netflix makes movies that promise success, using algorithms and user data. German media expert Marcus S. Klein has been watching Netflix and its likes for a long time, but his view is critical.


 Streaming services produce more successful content It is dangerous to say that many of those who watch Netflix films care about certain actors, themes and directors, and what does not appear in the films strongly enough will gradually disappear. free


 Streaming services are producing more blockbuster content and in the process collecting data. What scene do viewers stop watching, what scene do people watch over and over again, and what do they watch next?  Algorithms control what appears to the viewer in terms of suggestions that should show the things that he really wants to watch.


 This method is effective. On Netflix, eighty percent of shows are viewed through algorithm suggestions, and twenty percent through direct searches for them.


 Contrary to what is found on Facebook or Google, the fact that Netflix has a large number of B-users does not arouse public opinion.


best movies on netflix - imdb


 We forgot to criticize live broadcasting services in the midst of violating the digital transformation. No one criticized this entertainment, which is considered harmless and links it to the world of the digital economy. Where did Kanf news take it?  Movies and series aim to elicit emotions.


 So knowing what drives people's feelings is very valuable.


 Especially for advertising purposes.


 In order to compete in this fierce market, video-on-demand services need an uninterrupted stream of films and series that attract attention.


 What does that mean for filmmakers?  How do video-on-demand services change production standards?  The stories are told in a diversified way and from several points of view.


 This is a huge advantage of our time as everything can be thought of.


 Dark series, for example, complex events and confusing plot.


 Despite this, or perhaps that is why the German series "Nathrix" achieved great international success, about ninety percent of the requests to watch it were from outside Germany. movies


 Streaming services have changed the world of German soap operas.


 More money is being invested in it and more production experiences are taking place. Directors praise this creative freedom.


 It is expected that serials and films will satisfy people around the world



 Such possibilities have not been available before, but the competition is also intense.


 The pressure has become enormous. Starting to produce a program from Germany means reaching the global art scene immediately. This is the time of creativity, but the situation is difficult in light of the global market of billions.


 If he expects series and movies to satisfy people in the world.


 Will this mean that they will become similar? It is very important when one goes to a global market not to hide the identity of the program, its origin or its form.


 But there must be uniqueness and distinction in its production.


 You can count on it.  Recipe for success Think locally and produce globally.


 As in the German police series Babi Berlin.


 Love, Pain and Violence is a series about Berlin in the 1920s as the world becomes more porous and has a more international scope.

 Storytelling makes strong use of this aspect.

 Stories tell the events of her era.


 Surprising and bold, but have movies and series become more diversified through different video services?  This is what the researcher in communication and media sciences, Professor Dr. Elisabeth Brumma from the German University of Rosto, is studying. If we look at gender, the series of viewing platforms are not really diverse.


 Because the number of men in it is greater than the number of women.


 However, if we analyze the criteria for the diversity of sexual orientations, such as the LGBT community, we will see that it has a greater diversity compared to the series produced on classic TV channels.


 We have to look at ethnic affiliations from a global perspective because local productions lack great diversity.


 When we watch African, Asian or South American series.  We will see that there is a diversity.


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 Hindi serials and movies online



 For me, it is my opinion that we can watch an Indian series, for example. This was difficult and sometimes impossible several years ago.


 More variety is possible because video-on-demand services have found that niche businesses can also be profitable.


 The income is generated through monthly subscriptions. It is sufficient for me to be interested in a certain type of business and to be willing to pay money for it.


 Series about TV presenters, for example, may have a small audience in every country, but Netflix can reach its fans in one hundred and ninety countries. This is an opportunity to present voices and points of view from all over the world.


 Jibeen, produced by Prime Video, shows the importance of struggle for the underclass in India.


 It is based on a true story of a lawyer who sought justice for an indigenous person when he was subjected to violence and murder at the hands of the police.


 Hindi serials and movies online.

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