Likewise, the blood of lovers is exposed

 What do you know about the philosophy of the murdered mystic, “Al-Suhrawardi”? Known as "Al-Suhrawardi the Killed", he is an Arab philosopher, who was called "the father of wisdom of sunshine", because he is the founder of the Illuminating logic in Islamic mysticism, and he also occupied a great place in the history of Sufism. He was a traveler roaming the countries of the world here and there, and from these trips he drew his own philosophy, which is based on the fact that God is “the light of lights,” and radiance is similar to disclosure in its essence, as it is a moment of awareness that unveils the veils of the eye.
Despite that, Suhrawardi was known for his boldness in debating and arguing with religious scholars at the time, which was the same audacity that made them accuse him of departing from the controls of religion, and his blood was finally allowed as a price for his ideas that were foreign to his time, which is what we will discuss in the following lines to learn together about Suhrawardi’s philosophy that led to his his demise.

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