Late Dortmund goal dampens Bayern Munich's joy in Germany's Clasico

Late Dortmund goal dampens Bayern Munich's joy in Germany's Clasico



Bayern advanced through Leon Goretzka in the 33rd minute, before Leroy Sane added the second goal in the 53rd minute. And in the 74th minute, Youssoufa Mukoko scored Dortmund's first goal, before his colleague Anthony Modest equalized in the fifth minute of stoppage time for the 

second half.


Bayern raised its score to 16 points in third place, with a goal difference from fourth-placed Dortmund, and both are one point behind leaders Union Berlin and runner-up Freiburg, as the first plays against Stuttgart on Sunday, while Freiburg plays its host Hertha Berlin on the same day.


The match began with offensive attempts by Borussia Dortmund, who sought to exploit the ground workers and the public, in order to surprise Bayern Munich and score an early goal in the net.


On the other hand, Bayern Munich also attacked from the beginning, and tried to exploit the empty spaces in the Dortmund defense, especially with the great offensive progress of the host team at the beginning of the first half.


Late Dortmund goal dampens Bayern Munich's joy in Germany's Clasico
Late Dortmund goal dampens Bayern Munich's joy in Germany's Clasico



In the 33rd minute, Bayern Munich managed to score the advance goal through Leon Goretzka, after receiving a pass from his colleague Jamal Musiyala outside the penalty area, to hit a powerful, creeping ground ball that dipped into goalkeeper Alexander Mayer.


After the goal, Bayern Munich dominated the match and took possession of the ball and succeeded in depriving its opponent of it, and things remained as they were until the referee ended the first half with Bayern Munich leading 1-0.


With the beginning of the second half, Bayern Munich continued to control the ball, and tried to score another goal against Dortmund, while the performance of the latter was slowly improving over time.


In the 53rd minute, Leroy Sane scored Bayern Munich's second goal, after he hit a ball from outside the penalty area, hitting goalkeeper Mayer's hand and shaking Dortmund for the second time.


After the second goal, Dortmund rushed more, while Bayern Munich's performance was calm, and did not attack Mayer's goal much, but he had the most possession of the ball.


And in the 75th minute, and from an organized attack, Dortmund managed to score the goal to reduce the difference through Youssoufa Mukoko, who received a pass from his colleague Anthony Modest inside the penalty area, to receive the ball and hit it to the right of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to shake his net.


Dortmund's performance improved more and threatened Neuer's goal on more than one occasion, but the German international goalkeeper's brilliance and misfortune prevented the Bavarian team from conceding.


But Dortmund was on a date with the equalizer in the fifth minute of stoppage time for the second half, when Modest scored the equalizer, after receiving a cross from Nico Schulterbeek, to head it into the net, scoring the equalizer.


The rest of the second half did not witness anything new, so the referee blew the whistle at the end of the tie, 2/2


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