How To Cook Food More Nutritiously

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How To Cook Food More Nutritiously
How To Cook Food More Nutritiously



Eating nutritiously is not an option, it is a necessity for a healthy life. With the majority of the world's population suffering from one or more types of malnutrition, it becomes even more important to ensure that your diet contains adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients. 


 For a healthy and nutritious diet, prepare your meals in the healthiest way possible  by choosing healthy ingredients and preparing them in the healthiest way. Here are the steps to cooking food nutritiously: 


  Medium Heat Cooking: 


 The amount of heat at which food is cooked is a major factor in determining its nutritional value. Overcooking  would not only strip your taste buds of the natural flavors, but  also destroy sensitive nutrients (like complex carbohydrates).Therefore, it is recommended to cook food at medium temperature. It  also prevents it from burning or sticking to the bottom of the  pot. Most cookware made of metal or ceramic (not natural material) destroys sensitive nutrients even at medium heat. Read on to find out how 

 can prevent this completely. 


 Washing or rinsing food properly: 


 Different foods need to be washed differently so that they retain their nutrients.In general, it is recommended for most vegetables to be washed just before cutting to lock in the water-soluble nutrients. Avoid soaking  vegetables, as this can remove important nutrients like vitamin C. 


 Do Not Overcook Vegetables: 


 Overcooking vegetables will make them mushy and have a fairly bland taste. It's important to cook them for just the right amount of time so they don't go raw or overcooked. Overcooking also reduces their nutritional value by breaking down  nutrients at the molecular level.Always use the right cookware, it makes a big difference! 


  cookware makes a world of difference in the health of your food. Most traditional metal and ceramic cookware makes food unhealthy by contaminating it with reactive metal toxins and destroying nutrients with its intense heat. You can make your food far more nutritious by choosing the right cookware - healthy and non-toxic pure clay pots. Pure clay is inherently inert, meaning it does not react with food like a biochemical entity, and its unique far-infrared warmth keeps the nutrients intact.Steam management is another important aspect of healthy cooking. Most of the vapor generated in food consists of water-soluble nutrients. Of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, 9 are water-soluble, meaning they dissolve in water, are used up quickly by the body, and must be replenished daily; the body does not store them. Since steam is constantly escaping from the pot with conventional cookware,  water-soluble nutrients, cooked food also remain deficient in another way. 


 Pure clay pots can be ergonomically designed to utilize nature's goodness in a natural and full way, allowing rising steam to touch the inner surface of the lid, condense and fall back into the food instead of coming out of the pot as metals do the case is .

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