How to become a graphic designer and ways to profit from design in dollars! | Profit from the Internet | work online

How to become a graphic designer and ways to profit from design in dollars! | Profit from the Internet | work online

How to become a graphic designer and ways to profit from design in dollars! 

peace and Allah's mercy and blessings being upon you Welcome to the new lesson of Fekra ( idea ) I am Sohaib El-Desouy today we going to talk about what is graphic design
and how to earn income if you are a beginner let's get started Graphic Design is a large, huge and complex field in very many areas.  


Profit from the Internet
Profit from the Internet | work online


as you can find it in lots of websites such as YouTube
Part of YouTube is made from graphic design. 
It can be found in phone applications All application icons are made from graphic design
And in advertising and logo design And in the poster you see in the street for product advertising You can also find it in the form of product packaging All this is graphic design
Today, we are going to talk about simple things that you can learn in a short time, in a period ranging from 1 to 3 months So you can earn income from sites like : Freelance, Fiverr, and Khamsat o work in Graphic Design, you must own certain tools.  
Such as have a computer, learn Photoshop and learn Illustrator
How do you learn them? There is a lesson for Ahmed Abu Zeid explaining Photoshop in 90 minutes and there is a lesson to learn Illustrator in 80 minutes in my channel These lessons will teach you the basics that enable you to do the things that I will talk about it right now.  
The first thing is to convert a picture to Vector This means that if the logo is bad quality and you want to convert it to logo high resolution
so You will need to convert it by Illustrator program using pin tools and re-draw the logo inside the program  and the logo would look like Vector.  
I did this here at the upwork sit
When I learned Illustrator program I entered the site and found it required to do this work and I did and got feedback
The second thing is make a logo and make a logo is a large and huge area, but you can make a logo with a very simple techniques
The Client tells you the description or the brief and you know what he wants and what he needs
Then go to shutterstock or freepik site You will find things that fit your thoughts.  
For example, if you want to make a logo about travel, you will write the word "travel" on the site
and you will find the logos related to travel, take the logo that you want and edit it as you learned Photoshop and Illustrator You can modify the logo using any one of them and make the logo suitable for the client
this is, of course, one of the easiest ways to make logo 
But make the logo from the beginning is very difficult
If a client has many pictures and wants you to put a logo on them.  
Such as a photographer who puts his logo on the pictures This is very simple
From Photoshop you can put the logo on the images and change the color of the logo to fit the picture This is very easy and it is required in sites like upwork, Freelance and Fiverr
the client may ask you for write a title on an image and this is simple and you can do it in a very short time the client requests large quantities and pay them a certain amount, such as asking 100 pictures and paying them 10 $
Then a client asks you to design Facebook cover for his page or to design any something he wants for social media
you will use freepik or shutterstock " our friends " and download what you need and edit them.  
So that you have been modified on the images did not copy and paste and you put your touch and give him the design
may the client take photos with a professional camera and ask you to take remove the background, that is the product alone.  
if you learned to cut from Photoshop then you will know how to do it easily
and this is one of the most requested things on the freelance sites around the world In photo editing. 
may client asking you to edit photos viz you modify the colors of photos so that the color mood become unified
and this happens when the photographer uses two cameras differ in the wind balance he wants to make all the pictures the same shape without any difference
and he needs to adjust the colors of the pictures and this is a little difficult but you will be able in 3 months to be proficient and professional and work in photo retouching On freelance sites
These are some of the things that may ask you for freelance sites which you can start as a beginner and do not have experience.  
Just learn Photoshop and Illustrator And follow what we talked about today and search on these sites and you will find a job required by them a lot
and you can do.  
This way you have Catch two birds with one Stone
And you learn a new field and achieve success in a short time and this is most people can not do.  
I hope you like the video
We talked in the previous episode about video editing and how to start in this area, you can watch the video from here
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translated by : Nour Abd el-moneam Mustafa


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