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Your gut health may be impacted by these routines.

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In addition to having a significant impact on our overall health, mental stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition, and a number of other variables also have an impact on the gut, one of the most vital organs in the body Beneficial Gut Bacteria Infographic.

Our health depends on the condition of our digestive system. Consider your gut as a central link between the two ends of your body, which is a hollow tube.

Nothing that enters our body through the mouth and anus truly does so. Food must successfully cross the intestinal barrier and the intestinal tube wall in order to enter the body and enter our circulation.


The intestinal barrier is what?

The cells that line the gut, a layer of mucus, and a layer of the immune system make up the intestinal barrier. Non-food items and different contaminants that are present in the gut cavity cannot enter the circulation because of the intestinal barrier. Consider the gut wall as a sieve (a fine straining apparatus) with incredibly tiny pores that only permits small molecules to enter the circulation.

Larger holes form in the gut wall when the intestinal barrier is damaged.

Unwanted chemicals may pass through the gut lining and into the circulation.

This problem is referred to as "leaky gut." In the event of leaky gut, the compounds that entered the circulation via the intestinal canal stimulated the immune system, which identified them as foreign objects.


The microbiome is what?

An inflammation-related disorder is brought on by an imbalance of the gut fl colon cancer, diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory bowel illnesses are just a few of the chronic diseases that can occur in the gut.


 What may cause gut barrier damage?

1. Gluten: Wheat, barley, and rye all contain the protein known as gluten. In those who have celiac disease, gluten causes inflammation and can also damage the intestinal wall, which can result in symptoms like rashes and anemia that are not related to the digestive system.

A sizable population of non-celiac who are gluten sensitive can also have symptoms after ingesting gluten, whether those symptoms are internal or external to the digestive system. Gluten sensitivity results in the production of a protein called zonulin in susceptible individuals, which damages the intestinal immune system and causes leaky gut. You must refrain from consuming gluten if you have celiac disease or a non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

2. Industrial seed oils: Processed oils like canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, and soybean oil are examples of industrial seed oils. It was discovered that consuming these oils was linked to intestinal inflammation and disruption of the balance of microorganisms in the gut.


3. Processed carbs: Products like wheat and sugar include processed carbohydrates. The refined carbs upset the equilibrium of gut microorganisms and promote inflammatory processes. On the other hand, because these nutrients feed the ideal gut microorganisms, unprocessed carbs promote gut health.

4.Artificial food additives: A Weizmann Institute study from 2022 revealed that artificial sweeteners changed the makeup of gut microbes and interfered with sugar tolerance. Malt dextrin is a different ingredient that thickens food items and preserves processed meals, and it promotes the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the gut wall.

"Gut Health Decisive " GDH
"Gut Health Decisive " GDH


IBD flare-ups are facilitated by the chemical carrageenan, which is derived from algae and used to thicken and standardize food. Two of the most widely used thickeners in the processed food industry are polylobate 80 and carbomethylcellulose, both of which exacerbate the leaky gut condition. All of these things must be avoided in order to keep your digestive system in good stituations.


5. Stress: Prolonged mental stress weakens the intestinal barrier and makes it possible for harmful bacteria and their byproducts to enter the circulation, which can cause local or systemic inflammation.

6. Sleep disorders: Each of us has a biological clock that runs in 24-hour cycles. of bacteria in the gut, which promotes inflammatory processes..

7. Antibiotic treatment: Using antibiotics can harm the gut microbiota. the richness and diversity of the ideal gut bacteria, as well as promote the growth of undesirable bacteria such the bacterium Clostridium difficile, which can lead to significant disease and diarrhea.


limit acid release

8. Toxic compounds in the environment: Our environment exposes us to a wider range of chemical substances. Bisphenol A, a component of

in thermally printed receipts and plastic tableware, disrupts the equilibrium of intestinal microorganisms and causes irritation.


In addition to disrupting the balance of gut flora and causing inflammatory processes, the ingredient triclosan contained in hand sanitizers and other hygiene products also harms the skin.


How can we enhance our digestive health?

Make sure to consume foods high in dietary fibre, which the gut bacteria need for nourishment.

Learn to control your stress.

Take care of proper sleeping habits and regular sleep hours. Exercise frequently but avoid overtraining.

Always get medical advice before using antibiotics. Use glass or stainless steel utensils for your meals, consume food that hasn't been pesticide-sprayed, and use cleaning products and cosmetics that are manufactured from natural ingredients to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. You should also respectfully decline to accept receipts.

Family medicine, integrative medicine, and functional medicine are her fields of expertise.


And lastly, and in conclusion... Pay attention to what enters your digestive system... Live healthy, and avoid bad life habits. Live a strong body, health, beauty, and live happily.



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