Best Sites to Download Free Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows

Best Sites to Download Free Subtitles for Movies 2022


Free Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows
Free Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows


 if you come across movies or TV series that are not in the languages you understand, English subtitles are the best help in communicating the content. In some cases, you can watch the movie or TV series in its original language and then take the subtitle index. 
Well, the benefits are many, as are the websites from which you get your hands on these subtitles. If you are looking to get English subtitles for movies and TV shows, I have listed some of the best subtitle download sites.

Best Sites to Download English Subtitles

Here are the best sites to download English subtitles in SRT format and enjoy movies and TV series.

Open subtitles

It is the largest open-source platform for Subtitles. For starters, the website has been translated into many languages. So navigating subtitles shouldn't be a problem, no matter where you belong. Plus, the site comes with a pretty handy search tool that allows you to filter your content based on a particular season, episode, genre, or release date.
Open Subtitles 
Visit: Open Subtitles

YIFY subtitles

Among the most visited download sites, YiFY has also managed to make a name for itself in this field. Rather than just providing the subtitles of the movies, you can also get a brief synopsis about this movie, its launch date, the characters involved, and even the IMDB rating.
YIFY subtitles


By default, only English subtitles will be displayed. To add more languages, tap the plus icon at the top left.In total, Podnapisi contains about 2 million subtitles. So, you could definitely find your favorite on this site.

English subtitles

Here on this site you will be able to get subtitles for popular and less popular movies, TV series and episodes. The site has organized all these submarines pretty well into different sections, so finding the one you want should be a big problem. All subscriptions are free to download, without the need to log in.
English subtitles


One of the few sites to have subtitles for many different types of languages. Not only those that are regularly spoken, but you can even find subtitles for languages that have a few takers. In addition to submarines, you also get an overview of its associated films and IMDB rating.
Visit: iSubtitles

The site has subtitles in more than 18+ common languages including German, Spanish, English and others. TVSubtities has further separated the website into different sections. For example, there is a section for the most downloaded subtitles to date, one for new releases, another for major TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc.
Visit: TVSubtitles


Don't let the name confuse you, it actually does its pretty good job. It hosts a multitude of subtitles in a varied field. You can even find subtitles in languages such as Telugu and Tamil and other regional languages. While the same is only limited to certain famous movies and TV shows, it's still a useful addition.
There is also a separate section for most downloaded subtitles and even recently started and completed translated subtitles. The site also allows you to drop your views on all subtitles, but for this you will need to create an account. However, to download subtitles, no account creation is required.
Visited: Addic7ed

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