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XTZ has superior utility, but that doesn't matter a bit



You'd be shocked how much Tezos has to do with construct

According to Harvard Business Review, "the crucial path is the bottleneck route." "The only way to reduce overall project time is to discover ways to shorten jobs along the critical path."




"The time required to conduct noncritical operations is unimportant from the perspective of total project duration," HBR stated.




Exactly. Because, you know, it's the Harvard Business Review, I couldn't have said it any better.




XTZ offers higher utility, but it makes little difference.



"Tezos is a blockchain network built on smart contracts," according to, which is comparable to Ethereum .




The kicker, though, is that "Tezos promises to offer more advanced infrastructure — meaning it may evolve and improve over time without ever risking a hard fork."




"People who own XTZ can vote on Tezos developers' recommendations for protocol enhancements," according to the website.




It's a better version of Ethereum, to put it in simple terms.




Tezos Not Demonstrating Critical Valuation



I'm impressed by the blockchain's technological advancement.




Other initiatives have advanced increasingly utilitarian networks as a result of the growth of Bitcoin , which demonstrated the viability of transferring safe, irreplicable digital money and tokens through borderless and decentralized transactions.




Tezos and other ground-breaking technologies would be worth a lot of money if we could give out economic incentives for technical innovation. The issue is that the critical path for capital valuations appears to be unrelated to the critical path for technological progress.




Tezos Isn't Showing Critical Valuation



Tezos should soar above the muck affecting other cryptos if it is genuinely superior to Ethereum. Unfortunately, that is not the case.




Ethereum was driven down by emotion as Bitcoin dipped below $35,000. Tezos has fallen below $3 in the last 24 hours as a result of this feeling.




It doesn't matter to me how advanced Tezos is compared to Ethereum or any other network.




If capital values were a construction project, then blockchain utility is part of the noncritical jobs that are "irrelevant from the standpoint of overall project time," or in this case, project valuation, to use HBR's terms once more.




As we can see with our own eyes, the crypto market looks to be highly associated with Bitcoin; where Bitcoin goes, Tezos and most other cryptocurrencies follow suit. That fact alone demonstrates that utility isn't on the key route of valuation.




To put it another way, don't substitute fancy blockchain phrases for due diligence.




When buying a performance car, a salesperson would frequently boast about particular metrics such as the number of valves per cylinder and other such details.




It doesn't matter what those numbers are at the end of the day. Four, six, eight, or more cylinders can be found in your (combustion) vehicle.




What does it do from zero to sixty miles per hour (or one hundred kilometers per hour for our overseas readers)?




What is the trap speed and quarter-mile time? How do you feel about lateral acceleration? Sure, knowing magic automotive terms is useful, just as knowing magic blockchain terms is useful.




To be honest, it makes no difference to most customers. Automotive measures that are more nuanced are not on the critical path of performance. It makes no difference how many valves per cylinder your car has; if it's slow, it's slow.




Tezos Isn't Demonstrating Critical Valuation



Tezos is also superior to Ethereum, which is fantastic. But, for the most majority of investors, it doesn't matter until those technical characteristics contribute to the crucial path; in other words, will XTZ rise higher as a result of these fantastic characteristics?




So far, the best way to address the question of Bitcoin's valuation trend is to look at what it's doing. That's the same answer for every other cryptocurrency, which makes me nervous. It should also prompt you to conduct additional research.


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