Apple Watch Series 8 review : better women’s health tracking in same capable package

Apple Watch Series 8 review


New temperature sensors and auto crash safety measures are added in a minor upgrade, but the higher prices outside of the US hurt.

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Apple Watch Series 8 review : better women’s health tracking in same capable package
Apple Watch Series 8 review


Apple Watch Series eight review: higher women’s health following in same capable package

New temperature sensors and motorcar crash safety measures are an area unit superimposed in an exceedingly minor upgrade, however the upper costs outside of the U.S.A. hurt.



With the addition of the latest safety features and a temperature sensing element, the foremost recent Apple Watch has some intriguing applications for women's health and birth control.

Otherwise, it's unchanged from last year's version.

Due to weak exchange rates against the greenback, the Series eight prices £419 (A$629) instead of $399 within the U.S.A., a rise of £50 (or A$30 in Australia) from its forerunner.

The Series eight isn't, however, Apple's priciest new smartwatch.

This honor belongs to the £849 ($799/A$1,299) immoderate model.


Apple Watch Series 8 review
Apple Watch Series 8 review



The new Series eight watch, that is currently midrange, is sort of a clone of the Series seven.

The iPhone-only smartwatch sports a sleek metal frame, Associate in Nursing always-on, bright screen, and battery lifetime of roughly thirty six hours, which has sleep following.



It is still the smartwatch with the foremost capabilities.

Adding to the prevailing fall detection, a replacement measuring instrument and rotating mechanism will find the acute forces related to an automotive crash and mechanically decide the emergency services if you are not responding at intervals twenty seconds. A probably life saving feature that's hopefully simply there for peace of mind.


A combination of temperature sensors will track the modification in your articulatio radiocarpea temperature nightlong, setting a baseline over 5 nights with sleep following enabled. It can’t tell you your actual temperature, however tiny changes will indicate numerous various things, from exercise and alcohol consumption to illness and tiredness..

The sensor's main use is the nonmandatory enlarged following of women's health for the organic process and cycle work.



The watch measures the slight rise in blood heat that typically follows organic processes and uses this info, alongside cycle knowledge that has been recorded, to estimate the day of organic process within the past.


The estimates take roughly 2 cycles to calculate, however they might be a useful tool for those attempting to conceive, stop obtaining pregnant, and track their cycle health generally for anomalies.


Apple Watch Series 8 review
Apple Watch Series 8 review



Heart rate, graphical record findings, and cycle statistics are unit among the health info gathered by the watch. This info is saved within the Health app on your phone and is end-to-end encrypted once it's secured to your iCloud account.

This impliesOnly you and anyone with whom you wittingly value more highly to share the data, like your partner or Dr., may see it.

It can not be scanned by Apple or outside parties.


41 or 45mm case size

Case depth: ten.7mm

32/38.8g or 42.3/51.5g in weight

S8 processor


Speicher: thirty two GB

WatchOS nine is that package.

50-meter water resistance (5ATM)

Sensors embrace Associate in Nursing measuring device, compass, microphone, speaker, spO2, compass, and NFC.

Bluetooth five, WiFi n, NFC, UWB, nonmandatory 4G/eSIM, and different property choices

The elbow grease app was one amongst the most effective additions to the recently free watchOS nine computer code, that additionally superimposed new watch faces, sleep stage following, and diverse different minor enhancements.

You can currently modify the metrics displayed on the face throughout runs, cycles and different workouts to exactly what you would like.

Heart rate zones, running power, vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time area unit extra new advanced metrics which will be used.

Finally, you'll be able to customize interval coaching.


The Series eight uses the 15 August 1945 of the battery following the Associate in Nursing hour-long run, therefore is capable of covering a marathon.





Apple doesn't give Associate in Nursing expected life for the battery however it ought to last in far more than five hundred full charge cycles with a minimum of eightieth of its original capability and might get replaced for £85.


The price of repairs ranges from £309 to £409 reckoning on the model.

It contains recycled atomic number 13, gold, lanthanide parts, tin, and W.

Apple offers holding and free use for devices, and breaks down the watch’s environmental impact in its report.


The Series eight comes in 2 sizes and 2 totally different materials, as well as the choice of 4G that needs Associate in Nursing eSIM and compatible phone arrange add-on.

The atomic number 13 or Greek deity versions in 41mm price £419 ($399/A $629) or £449 ($429/A $679).

4G models price an additional £110 ($100/A$160).

Models in stainless-steel begin at £729 ($699/A $1,099).

For comparison, the Apple Watch SE prices £259, the Apple Watch immoderate prices £849, the Samsung Galaxy Watch five prices £269 and also the Garmin Venu a pair of prices £299.


The Series eight is the most minor update to the Apple Watch in an exceedingly few years.

That's not essentially a nasty issue as a result of the new model still qualifies as the best iPhone smartwatch, rather like its forerunner did.

The nice feature of crash detection is that you just hope you ne'er would like it.

While organic process following isn't new, there is a unit solely one or two of client wearable devices, like sure Fitbits and also the Oura Ring, that supply similar options.


It is encouraging to check a lot of thorough following of women's health superimposed to a different common device.

Data from the temperature sensing element may additionally end up to be helpful for different well-being options within the future, too.

If you have got a recent model

isn’t definitely worth the upgrade.

But if you’re searching for a replacement general smartwatch for Associate in Nursing iPhone, the Apple Watch Series eight is the one to shop for.

It is head and shoulders on top of the competition. It’s simply a shame regarding the currency-caused value hike.



glorious tactual vibrations, always-on screen, ECG, worker sensing element, high health following, nice activity following, 50-meter water resistance, solid battery, automotive crash detection, long computer code support, recycled materials.

Cons: pricy, solely works with Associate in Nursing iPhone, blood O knowledge not that helpful, no third-party watch faces, a minor upgrade.


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