Al-Suhrawardi’s most famous sayings

Al-Suhrawardi’s most famous sayings:- • “Know that you will be opposed by your actions, words and thoughts, and from every actual, verbal or intellectual movement, external images will appear to you. The image is the substance of a demon who harms you during your life and blocks you from meeting the light after your death.” • “The pleasure and the unpleasant may occur without the occurrence of pleasure and pain, such as a person who has a stroke or severe intoxication who does not suffer from being struck, and does not enjoy the presence of the Beloved. The souls of the wretched are tormented by ignorance, evil and dark bodies, and longing for the world of sense.”

• Know that the soul is not invalidated by the invalidity of the body, because it is not of a place, there is no opposite or competitor, and its principle is permanent, so it continues with it. The sayings of scholars about it:- • Al-Saif Al-Amidi said: “I saw him with many knowledge and little intellect. He said to me: I must own the land.” • Ibn Abi Osaiba said: “Al-Suhrawardi was one of the people of his time in the sciences of wisdom, a collector of philosophical arts, proficient in the principles of jurisprudence, hyper-intelligent, eloquent in expression, and his knowledge was more than his mind. He said: It is said about him that he knew the science of semiotics.



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