10 medical achievements recorded in 2021. Outstanding medical achievements: Development of Covid vaccines – 1999.

10 medical achievements recorded in 2021. Outstanding medical achievements: Development of Covid vaccines – 1999.


10 medical achievements recorded in 2021.
Outstanding medical achievements: Development of Covid vaccines – 1999.


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if the new Corona virus emerges, research centres, doctors and public health experts have raced to develop a safe and effective vaccine to prevent the virus from dying more lives.

At least 28 promising vaccines were tested, and only 15 emergency vaccines were allowed worldwide.

Two vaccines emerged from these vaccines, Pfizer developed by Pfizer Comernati in partnership with BioNTech Biotechnology, and the Moderna vaccine developed by Cambridge, with the help of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Clinical trials have shown at least 94% per cent effectiveness for both vaccines in preventing and mitigating the symptoms of Cofid-19.

While many other vaccines have shown good results, these two specific types are poised to change the course of the epidemic, and the future of epidemiology.


Development of a new treatment for a rare and deadly disease


People with Hitchinson-Gilford syndrome rarely live after 15 years, and so far treatments can only target their symptoms and complications.

The disease occurs when a genetic mutation changes the shape of the protein in the nuclei of the transporter's cells. The defective protein, called progerin, causes premature cell death.

Zokinvy prevents the accumulation of defective progerin, thereby reducing the damage it can cause.

In addition to extending life for several years, the new drug also reduces symptoms of heart and bone problems associated with the rare condition, which affects nearly 400 children worldwide.


Medical achievements in gene therapy


Since 2012, researchers have been adjusting CRISPR, a gene modification tool that easily adjusts the human genome, to treat diseases caused by DNA mutations.

But until this year, the method involved injecting the patient with modified stem cells, used only to treat conditions whose mutations are in the bloodstream, such as sickle-cell anemia.

In August of 2021, researchers published the results of a six-person clinical trial in which doctors tried to repair a genetic dysfunction that causes a rare liver condition called transphagia.

Packed inside a small bubble called fatty nanoparticles, the gene editing technology made its way to the liver, where it corrected defective cells.

It's still early to officially apply the treatment, which is still in the first phase of clinical trials, its way to the market.

But, if successful, it could pave the way for the treatment of a wide range of genetic conditions and imbalances.

Development of a revolutionary treatment against the Ebola virus

When infected with Ebola Zaire, people can suffer from severe fever, severe bleeding and organ failure, which is fatal in half cases.

Researchers at biotechnology company Regeneron have now devised monoclonal antibodies - molecules made in the lab that mimic the natural defenses of the immune system to help eliminate invaders - to target the disease.

Inmazeb is a combination of three antibodies targeting protein on the surface of the Ebola virus.

In a clinical trial, 66.2% of the 154 people who received Medazib survived, compared to only 49% of the 153 who did not.

Although monoclonal antibodies are not a sure cure, they have been crucial in treating many viral diseases.


First home test for Covid-19


Ellume's home test is the first of its kind to receive FDA clearance and the most notable medical achievement of the year, allowing consumers to test for CofID-19 without going to a medical center.

The test consists of a nose swab, a train, processing fluid and an analyzer. The test application includes a set of step-by-step guidance to be able to use without any problems.


Perfect solution for a torn cruciate ligament in the knee

The laceration of the cruciate ligament is one of the most common and painful knee injuries of all time. Repair requires surgery to reconstruct the rupture by taking a piece of the tendon and bone of another part of the body or of another donor.

BEAR Enema, made from beef collagen, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its ability to treat the rupture of the crusader ligament with high efficiency by installing it between the ends of the torn ligament, to grow its place with time healthy new tissue.

More accurate CT scans

CT scans provide detailed images of the inside of the human body that help to diagnose and track disease and injury.

Traditional scanners create images by combining the total energy of several X-rays. During this process, some energy from X-rays is lost, resulting in reduced accuracy.

The new Siemens scanner, called Naeotom Alpha, uses photon-counting detectors to measure each particle of light coming through it, resulting in clearer and more varied images of internal body work.


The most efficient insulin ever.

One of the most notable medical achievements of the year was that of diabetes and insulin therapy.
Insulin remains a very expensive product, but the Semglee product can change that. It is a vital alternative insulin product and a switchable biomarker - the first of its kind to be recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.


First malaria vaccine

Malaria mound about half a million people worldwide each year. The Mosquirix vaccine generates an immune response against Plasmoduim falciparum, one of the five deadliest parasites that causes malaria, and the most widespread strains throughout Africa.

The vaccine was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO); It is a distinction that gives them the green light for wider distribution and use.

While vaccination is only 50% effective against acute malaria, with a significant reduction in effectiveness after a year, it remains one of the best ways to prevent the deadly disease









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