Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

Our ancestors have been the source of many strange myths, some of which we believe, but many of which we ignore! Technically, myths are myths and nothing more, assuming all of them are just fictional stories, with some exceptions where logic is true!

In fact, it will shock you that some of these weird myths are actually true, and though they are almost unbelievable, you have to believe them!



Strange legends that turned out to be true Secret tunnels in Mexico


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

Grandparents in Puebla, Mexico, tell their children stories about the secret tunnels beneath the city's streets that were used during the revolution.

Those stories were proven to be true when the 500-year-old secret tunnel series "Secrets of Puebla" was discovered in 2015.


When the tunnels were discovered decades later, they were first thought to be a complex drainage system. With further excavation, experts concluded that the tunnels were used for secret travel in the 16th century.



The soil of the church that heals the sick!


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

Soil from a local churchyard in Bohemia, Ireland is believed to heal diseases. This myth was confirmed in 2018 when renowned microbiologist Dr. Jerry Coyne discovered a strain of microbe called Streptomyces in soil used to make antibiotics.


It turns out that the microbes Dr. Quinn discovered can kill the top three pathogens identified by the World Health Organization as major threats to humans.

Microbes were not discovered until he found them.



The island that disappeared overnight!


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

According to legend, Roraimeno avenged his wife by filling the island with taro plants, which brought two waves of destruction to the island.


According to the story, the island was hit by eight huge waves and sank!

However, the reason for the disappearance of the island was an undersea earthquake. The island teeters on the edge of a steep underwater cliff. The earthquake shook the fragile base on which the island sits, sending a massive landslide crashing into the water.


The process also created a tsunami that, to the survivors and those who witnessed the devastation, appeared to be responsible for the devastation.

The waves became the only logical and possible explanation for the legend of Relemeno.



Kangaroos were once classified as monsters and called "two-headed creatures"!


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true
Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true










It's surprising to know that all species of

 kangaroos are classified under the mysterious Cryptoid. Considering the strange arrangement of the cubs in their pouches, it should come as no surprise to anyone meeting the animal for the first time in history!


Amerigo Vespucci made the first attempt to describe the kangaroo in 1499. He came across the species while traveling along the southern coast of Australia.

Amerigo's explanation was scary. He described the kangaroo as a terrifying beast with a fox's head, human hands, a monkey's tail and a pouch for its young.

A kangaroo was first captured by Francisco Belsaert in 1629 but died on the way back to Europe.


The kangaroo finally gained the dignity of being recognized as a species rather than a myth in the 1770s, when it was discovered by Sir Joseph Banks during Captain Cook's voyage.



' Black Volga' and black limousine abduction


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

A strange urban legend in Poland in the 1960s and 70s was the "Black Volga", in which vampires abducted people, especially children, in fancy black limousines.


This legend soon spread to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Mongolia and other Eastern European countries.

There are many theories behind the motives for these kidnappings. Aside from vampire stories, locals say children and teenagers are kidnapped so their blood can be sold illegally on the black market, while others say kidnappers sell their victims' organs.


As it turns out, the rumors were true and people were kidnapped from night to dawn in black limousines. A witness who reported the incident was also found dead a short time later.



The Myth of North Korea Kidnapping Japanese Citizens


Most of the Japanese captured by North Korean agents live along Japan's coast. The news spread all over the country, but it was considered to be just a rumor.

The rumor was proven true in 2002 when Kim Jong-un himself admitted that the North Korean regime had kidnapped 13 Japanese residents.


The official number of abductees put by the Japanese government at 17 is now believed to be in the hundreds.

North Korea claims four of the 13 are alive and eight are dead, and none have been confirmed to have entered the country.


South Korean leader Kim Jong-un apologized for the kidnapping, but did not reveal the cause of the incident.

Japan is not the only country facing serial kidnappings. In fact, North Korea has abducted more than 3,800 South Koreans since 1953.



The legend of the golden turtle


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

The golden turtle god found at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi is thought to have appeared at a rare and timely moment in Vietnam's history.


The legend says that the tortoise only appears at the right time. It is believed to have first appeared during the reign of King An Duong Vuong.


At the end of this legend, the turtle quickly bit the sword and dived into Hoan Kiem Lake.


Since then, the lake has been called "Hoan Kiem Lake". But in June 1967, the turtle's existence was confirmed when a fisherman found it and beat it to death with a crowbar.


Of course, the legend of giving the turtle the Excalibur cannot be confirmed or not!



Indian city swallowed by the Arabian Sea


Strange and illogical myths that turn out to be true

The city of Dwarka is mentioned in several ancient Indian texts. It was the first capital of the state of Gujarat.


Legend says that Krishna summoned magical powers to build this beautiful city, but with his death, the city sank into the sea and lost its glory as a myth.


The city was discovered at a depth of 36 meters in Cambay Bay. Based on found building materials, pottery, beads, carvings, walls, and parts of human bones, it was concluded that the city was more than 9,000 years old.


The city is well planned, with incredible parks, roads and man-made lakes separating residential and commercial areas. The city disappeared 9000 years ago due to a great flood.



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